Steffi Albedyhl and H-Town Arts


I have known Steffi Albedhyl, from Iserlohn, Germany for many years, since she was a teenager. Steffi is a machinist at Dornbracht, a premium fitting company that sells high end faucets and shower fittings for bath, spa, and kitchen. But she has also has a long history of creative design work behind her.

In her early 20s, she took up photography and was the sports photographer for the local Iserlohn newspaper. She had a small photography business doing weddings and portraits in addition. For quite a few years, this was a passionate side business for her. In 2011, she decided to market her business as H-Town Arts, the “H” being the letter of the little town near Iserlohn where she lived, Hemer. Her plan was to sell prints of her work at arts festivals and markets.

A few years later, Steffi found herself between jobs. To keep her spirits up, she and a friend decided to make quilts. From this time of working on quilts with her friend, she came up with beautiful quilted handbags, of which I have a beautiful example (though mine was loved to such a degree that it disintegrated).

Currently Steffi creates her bag designs for H-Town Arts primarily for friends and family gift giving. But she would also like to share her creations with the world as well if she can find a way.

Two creations she would like to share are included below. Contact her at for more information.

The Nosey Bag


Steffi created The Nosey Bag to promote the use of handkerchiefs over disposable tissues. This handmade pocketbook-bag contains two compartments: one for two handkerchiefs, and one with a zipper for used handkerchiefs or odds and ends. The bag is made with cotton fabric, lined with cork fabric (cork on cotton) for stiffness and water resistance.

The Cork Box



The Cork Box is hand made, created from cork fabric (cork on cotton), and cotton. The front of the bag is a log cabin quilt block with an H-Town Arts custom printed fabric dove the block’s heart.  The bag has a shoulder strap and two pockets, one perfectly sized for a smart phone. The Cork Box closes with a metal clasp.

Anyone interested in learning more about H-Town Arts can contact Steffi through Lorna Govier on the contact page here on the site.



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