Hello, Gaia Smith Li Reader!

As a citizen of our world, if you do your reading about climate change from reputable sources, you learn the following:

  1. All beings are connected in an intricate and extremely complex web of life.
  2. What we do as humans indeed affects our surrounding plant and animal neighbors, for better and for worse.
  3. Beginning in the industrial revolution of the mid 1880s, humanity has created a whole lot of pollution
  4. Scientists have studied said pollution and predicted significant harmful climate change, affecting all life on our planet.
  5. Humanity is trying to get a handle on pollution but it is still uncertain whether we will be able to adapt to the new realities of our changing environment.

The outlook is not good according to those intimately involved with interpreting the data.

Polar ice is melting, micro plastic is forming in the ocean and our population continues to grow.

Now, many of us who hear these predictions are waiting for directions about what to do next. Many of us in America look to the latest and greatest trend and product that embody the values that we think we should have in this new world in which we need to adapt. We shop at Whole Foods, take up yoga, learn to garden and compost.

I think trying to do something is great. Though I do believe it is not enough.

Some of us have given up and believe that we are doomed. I have friends who complain about the evils of heartless corporations, of climate deniers, of political parties in which they vehemently disagree. 

To my friends in this camp, I want to give mental hugs and also give you a pretend swift kick in the rear. Wallowing solves nothing. A problem, no matter how big, is a call to action, not a call to give up. Unless presented with a case of a comet hurtling to our planet within the hour, I will not give up hope that humanity will make it through this test.

Because, if you believe if there is no solution, there definitely will be none.

Some of us have denied humanity has anything to do with the changes we see, deny there are any changes and are generally ignoring the problem.

To my denier friends, I also give you mental hugs. Change can really suck and this is a big change. In humanity’s current circumstances, to live with the reality that our resources are finite and our presence is fragile is a big pivot. It is heart wrenching in a lot of ways as we humans have been through so many trials and tribulations throughout our history and now that we are in a time that holds the possibility of more growth and prosperity to more people than ever – just to learn that the next big challenge may be so very gargantuan – what a slap in the face!

But, I won’t debate the work of thousands of hard working scientists. The trends are clear, something big is happening, and changes are afoot.

I began this website as a loving human of the world and a steward of my home and family with a scientific education. 

As a home steward with a family, I am acquainted with the hopes and dreams of other mothers and fathers who fervently wish our children and their children a decent chance of survival and life for generations to come. 

As I alluded to earlier, we try to act on the information we have as consumers and community members, trying many things to be more energy efficient, bring the best and most energy responsible foods to our table, and to teach our children to love nature. We are also busy unsure how far these changes help our ultimate goal.


Please join me as I take as long as it takes to answer – how can we, at the grassroots bottom of the power pyramid really make a difference in our every day lives? 

What do we do to make our homes renew?

And most importantly, do these actions really work?

In this blog, I will be interviewing other home stewards as they tell their stories about what they do to make their homes more in tune with the world around them.

Then, I will research how well these actions work and look at the cost, time, materials and other environmental impacts involved.

I invite comments and ideas of course, as long as they are constructive and honest.


2 thoughts on “Hello, Gaia Smith Li Reader!

  1. This more or less hits the nail on the head. It’s not so much about “saving the planet” it’s about how to maintain a reasonable life for ourselves, and carry out the most effective stewardship of the ecosystem we can.


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